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See my topic above for more information. Tip or take me private for special requests. Cam2cam with me for more fun.

I am bisexual, and been into the lifestyle so to say since i was 19. Discovered it with my first female lover and been hooked ever since.

I know that the lifestyle is not easy and not for everyone, but i do believe is worth it. And there is no right way of doing it, everybody has their own kinks and ways of doing it...the most important is to have a good time.

I am a Switch and have different kinks as a Dominant, or a submissive. I am not into extreme things....

As for me I love to read, from sci -fi to history to erotica. I love manga as well. Like watching anime and fantasy movies. Love history, mythology and weaponry(this mostly means i like pointy, sharp objects and how they are made...grin and laugh).

I am a rocker, though i do listen to some other genres as well. Been called to have an eclectic taste in music and not only...

Like going out and have a drink with friends, but at the same time would not mind a night at home with a glass of wine and a good book, or better yet ...good company.

As for fetishes I love bondage of all sorts, spankings, flogger and whips....and lots more...
I enjoy stories of domination and submission..


Stats & Info

Race: white

Cam Score: 1,620

Fans: 569

Height: 5'0'' - 5'4''

Weight: over 205 lbs

Build: large

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: brown

Sex Preference: bisexual

I love sex, bondage , spanking, fetish, being a bit rough, love watching and being watched....
toilet games
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