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See my topic above for more information. Tip or take me private for special requests. Cam2cam with me for more fun.


About me

Hello guys you can call me Mia.

I consider myself avery happy and chill babe. Sometimes shy but after catching confidence I turn into a fun and outgoing girl.

I like to read and listen to all kinds of music.As a matter of fact one of my dreams was tobecome a famous singer lol.

My favorite sports are skating and swimming, I practicethem sometimes.

My favorite food isItalian in particular pizzabut I always try to eat healthy as much as possible.

My favorite colors are red wine, black, and white

Im an optimist, dreamer, hard worker and fighter lady.

I like to socializeand learn from other people so do not be afraid to greet and interact with me.

Im a single mother of a little beautiful princess, that means im more to be at home and share the most time I can with her,althoughI am of those that think we must live intensely, to love with the soul and toenjoy everything that we do.

On the other hand I am passionate about this work I really love and enjoy it. Finally I would like to grow, to learn and I hope you accompany me in this journey to become a professional model with thehelp and support of all of you.


Room rules

-Be nice, polite andrespectful with me and everyone in the chatroom.

-Tip for yourrequests! Remember this is my work and same like you I dont do my work forfree.

-Dont use porngraphics please, I dont likeit

-Explicit comments orquestions, please only in tip notes.

-Only use English orSpanish in my chat.

-Dont promote othermodels or talk about them in my room.

-I dont do disgusting things like poo pee vomit etc


Stats & Info

Race: latin american

Cam Score: 3,732

Fans: 869

Height: 5'5'' - 5'9''

Weight: 115 - 130 lbs

Build: average

Eye Color: other

Hair Color: black

Sex Preference: straight

Not Specified
Not Specified
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